Video depicts Giant Gator at Florida Golf Club among tropical storm atta

Gale force winds were not enough to hit a powerful garter at a golf course in Naples, Florida on Wednesday.

Large-scale crocodiles were seen crawling around the grounds of Valencia Golf and Country Club and recorded by Tyler Stoling, a golf professional at the club.

Large crocodiles are far from an unusual sight in the state of Florida – University of Florida fans even cheer on the Gators mascot – but it gained attention for its prehistoric presence. It made its presence on Wednesday amid the tropical storm Eta, causing thunderstorm winds and threatening storms about 60 miles west-northwest of Tampa.

A Category 1 hurricane intensified for some time before the storm hit the state, making it only the sixth hurricane on record in the Gulf of Mexico.

As rare as a November storm might be, the Alligator seemed unaffected as it drifted away through the course.

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