Man sentenced to 2 years for threatening to burn black church in Virginia

A prosecution lawyer said a North Carolina man threatened to burn down a black church in Virginia after a church leader participated in the supervision of George Floyd was sentenced to two years in prison on Thursday was.

John Malcolm Barsville, 63, pleaded guilty in August to threats over the phone on June 7 at a Virginia Beach church in Virginia.

He also used a racial slur in the call, which prosecutors said in court documents that he needed to “shut down” [expletive] UP. “

After a church leader took part in a prayer and demonstration for Floyd, Braceville made the days of the call, a black man killed by a knife on the neck of a white police officer in Minneapolis on May 25.

Barsville pleaded guilty to a telephonic threat to fire, injure or intimidate a person or to use fire to damage or destroy a building.

“U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District, G. Zachaye Terryvilleger, answering the practice of constitutional freedom with threats of violence specifically threatening in a long and shameful history of racial-motivated violence against houses of worship -“. Said in a statement in Virginia.

Barsville argued for a lighter sentence through his lawyer, arguing that it was “an aberration in an otherwise law-abiding life” and was a heinous act for which he takes full responsibility.

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