General Miley’s wife rescues Varton who collapses at Veterans Day ceremony in Arlington


When an Understander collapsed at the Veterans Day event on Wednesday at Arlington National Ceremony, a nurse was nearby and rushed to her aid. She was not just any nurse – she was the wife of the nation’s top military officer, General Mark Miley.

Hollinen Mill told NBC News that just before President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and his spouse arrived at the Tomb of Unknown, they heard a commotion behind him and saw stairs leading to the museum.

“I just set foot there,” said Miley, a practicing nurse.

Miley ran to see if she could help and found the man irresponsible.

“When I first got there, he was breathing very uncertainly that he wasn’t actually taking air into his lungs as he should have,” she said. “And then he stopped breathing.”

Hollinen met.Courtesy Hollyne Malley

The man had no lentils. Miley said he instructed someone to call 911 and began narrowing the chest. “I did about two cycles of CPR, and then he just took a big, deep breath and moaned a little bit and then started walking.”

Miley discovers his pulse and within minutes he starts answering her questions.

“I put him in a side recovery position and just talked to him and told him what’s going on and encouraged him to take a deep breath,” she said.

Fort Myer arrived at Emergency Medical Services and took the victim to a local hospital.

Miley spoke with him the next morning and said that he is doing very well. He said, the man, a veteran who asked to remain anonymous, has since been discharged.

“He is grateful that he will be here next year to honor those who serve again,” Miley said. “And he said that because of a sensible, who knew CPR, he would be able to continue to honor our veterans for many years to come.”

Asked if he had saved the man’s life, Miley said that others had also arrived to assist him, including a VA physician and senior advisor to the president, and that it was a team effort.

“But I think we were all in the right place at the right time,” she said.

In a statement to NBC News, General Miley said: “Holian’s work heroes were representatives of medical professionals who are always there when needed. She represents the strength and service of our military families.”

Hollinen Mille said that saving a person’s life with legs only with the president was not really the most unusual situation when she stepped in to help a stranger in a medical crisis. “I went to an army ball a few years ago and performed CPR in my ball gown,” she said.

Miley said that her husband was the guest speaker that night, so after helping to revive the victim, she went back to dinner and dancing.

She said, “I have been working as a nurse for 33 years.” “The way you react is simply muscle memory for medical professionals and it takes you about a second to take everything and then one’s life depends on the actions of others.”

She encouraged others to take CPR classes. “Bistander interference can really save lives,” she said.

“It was truly an honor to be helping out on a Veteran’s Veterans Day,” Miley said.


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