Trump’s 2020 election proves that there are no more liberal Republicans

More than a week after Election Day, GOP leaders across the party are still enabling President Donald Trump’s baseless electoral fraud lies. And what he says is quite simple, is that we as a country are in a lot of trouble.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has won the election. Each of these Republican members of the House and the US Senate are accomplished politicians. They are all somewhat fluent in the counting, and they know Trump lost. The president’s dangerous accusations are unfounded. And by encouraging them, conservatives are injecting cyanide into the country’s politics. It is a deadly poison of trust and confidence in the system, and it is amazing to see it playing out in real time.

The president’s shameless, dangerous accusations are baseless, and by encouraging them, conservatives are injecting cyanide into the country’s politics.

we are Americans. That’s how we choose our leaders, period – full stop. And it is shameful to see senior elected officials polluting the results of a democratic election in the name of Donald Trump in this country. The entire basis of the president’s argument is a difference. It is honestly beyond any capacity I have to make it clear.

And what this tragedy suggests, now, is that there are no more liberal Republicans. This is a fantasy. And he went. When you have a situation in which we refuse to accept the validity of an election, there is no such thing as a liberal Republican. Cannot be there There are only Trumpists.

It is a personality cult, clearly established at the Republican National Convention with a party platform requiring obedience and loyalty. And Donald Trump Jr. had to do all this to threaten 2024 to get Republicans to get in line.

Because after all, this is not a moment in which courage is required; This is a moment that requires acceptance of reality. Our friend and colleague, Stuart Stevens, says courage is our heroic American soldiers getting out of their boats on D-Day, even when the soldier was shot in front of them where they were standing. People did this to preserve our right to vote in the history of this country. What is happening now is shocking.

And what’s worse, many of these Trumpists kept their jobs. In the end, pain is the only teacher. Unfortunately, most of these senators did not have very high prices to pay, other than to be confronted with advertisements that they actually were. But by 2022 the more they think, the sooner they will arrive here.

Like jellyfish at sea, Republicans are moving between a bad tide and a good tide. His virtue may ultimately be responsible for the circumstances of his leader. But it seems to me that Republicans are already auditioning for 2024. This is going to be a very early presidential campaign. And the candidates who will be running will be almost running as candidates for Trump.

Kovid-19 is going to define Biden’s presidency in its first year. We are moving towards a long winter of death in this country, in which diseases are out of control. And Trump will do all he can to oppose cooperation during this critical transition period. It is an uncomplicated disaster, and we are still trying to find a way out.

I think people are craving for a competent, civilized government. And I also think that this kind of success will tilt politics in favor of the presidential election.

But it has time to bang. It is going to be a long battle. Election Day was not an end, but a beginning.

As told to THINK editor Meredith Bennett-Smith; Edited for clarity.

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