Taapsee Pannu opens up about her relationship with boyfriend Mathias Bo

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu does not usually like to talk about her personal life, but she has spoken about her relationship with Danish badminton player Mathias Bo, saying that she is a stable, good and without any baggage She shares a happy equation. “I didn’t go out and talk about him (sowed Mathias) because I’ve noticed that whenever I talk about him he becomes more of a headline than me, and it came to dominate my professional life. Is. I’ve become too much. ” Open. Families are also aware of this. I met him during a badminton match. I was a spectator and he was a player. We had a little chat on Twitter and then we met each other. Since then, it is stable. Good, happy, calm. No goods, no burden relationship. Rashmi Rocket: Tapase Pannu tells how she has started for her Sprinter Act

The actress has an interesting line up of films including “Haseen Dilruba” and “Rashmi Rocket”. Born and brought up in Delhi, Taapsee said that she excelled in everything since childhood. “It was in eighth grade that I first set a goal and ended up achieving it. I wanted to be the head girl of the school. At the top, I was declared the student of the year in school. It made me realize. Happened. If I set my heart on something, I can achieve it. It’s not that I achieved everything I aimed for. I wanted to crack an MBA with a percentage of the 90s, which Not done, “the actress shared.” Rashmi Rocket: Taapsee Pannu starts shooting for Akash Khurana’s sports drama, shares his athlete with the film

Talking about how higher education helped him get a better perspective of the cinema business, Tapesse quipped: “I’m glad it (referring to being an actor) breaks this notion That the actors are either backbenchers or dropouts. ” She continued: “I loved going to school. I used to be one of the frontbenchers and really loved studying. I didn’t have the best attendance over the years because I started participating in many extra-curricular activities like dance. Had done. Speaking in public

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