Michigan police officer on leave, investigation launched after violent arrest

A Lansing, Michigan, police officer is on paid administrative leave and police have begun reviewing a violent arrest on video in which officers appear to kill a man during an arrest on Tuesday night.

Police said in a statement on Wednesday that officers used a tusser stun gun and a “delete strike” during a long struggle with a 25-year-old “combative”.

Police Chief Daryl Green ordered an officer, who has not been identified, to be placed on leave and said that the conduct of all officers involved in the internal affairs investigation would be reviewed.

The incident, which occurred on the pavement around 11:20 pm, was caught by a spectator who used excessive force.

The video shows five officers slamming the man to the ground, with some men striking him, and giving orders that hit the man’s stomach. At one point the man appears to say, “Why are you killing me?”

At another point an officer yells “Give me your hand,” and the man says “I didn’t do that.”

Police said in a statement that officers were responding to a report of a fight involving five to six people and determined that the 25-year-old man was “the primary suspect in the assault incident.”

Police said he protested the arrest. Police said, “During the long struggle to secure the suspect, officers deployed a taser and carried out the attack.”

A video still shows a violent arrest in Lansing, Mich., On November 10, 2020.Brandon Hayduk via Facebook

When the video begins, at least one officer is seen scrambling with the man who has his arms around the officer’s waist before more officers arrive and the group goes to the ground.

The man who said he shot the video, 37-year-old, Brandon Hayduk, said he was going to a store when he saw a male officer facing the man. The officer asked the man to board a police vehicle and mentioned a loose bat being thrown on the road, Hayduk said.

He said that when he came out of the store, the male officer and a female officer were “physically entangling with the gentleman” before more officers arrived, and then began recording from his car.

“I understand that if you want to resist someone’s arrest, you have to subject them to yourself,” Hayduck said. “… it doesn’t take much to see the excessive force in that video.”

The 25-year-old man was not identified in the police statement, but police said he was evaluated at a hospital – the department says there is some standard when a taser is used – which is found in detention centers Is taken. Police said formal charges would be sought by the Ingham County prosecutor.

A police spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment seeking more details on Wednesday night.

Police said two officers received minor injuries.

Green, the chief of police, “completed the preliminary investigation” and placed an officer on paid administrative leave, but the statement does not say whether Green had made any findings about the conduct.

Lansing Mayor Andy Shure said Wednesday afternoon that the chief “immediately” began a review, the department released details and an investigation has been launched, the Lansing State Journal newspaper reported.

In the video, at one point the person being arrested says “I can’t breathe” and officers immediately appear to shut him down, one asking him to roll over, so that he can breathe.

The term resonated in May with the fatal arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis, who died after kneeling on the neck of a police officer, and the death of Eric Garner in 2014 in Borough of New York City, Staten Island.

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