Explanation of Ludo Ending: Decoding the final stages of the main characters in this Abhishek Bachchan, Rajkumar Rao, Aditya Roy Kapoor starrer (SPOILER ALERT)

Anurag Basu returns to directing with the Netflix film, Ludo, Where he attaches several caps with a temperament. Not only has he directed and written the film, Basu also cranked the camera, acting as well Ludo In an important cameo Ludo, Like her Life … in a metro, Hyperlink belongs to the genre of cinema. The film stars Abhishek Bachchan (Bittu), Rajkumar Rao (Lalu), Fatima Sana Sheikh (Pinky), Aditya Roy Kapur (Akash), Sanya Malhotra (Shruti), Rohit Saraf (Rahul), Peerl Maini (Sheja). And Pankaj Tripathi (Sattu Bhaiya). Ludo Movie Review: Pankaj Tripathi, Abhishek Bachchan, Rajkumar Rao, Fatima Sana Shaikh all impressed in Anurag Basu’s stunning hyperlink cinema!

Ludo There are about five stories that are connected with each other, but each has different results. Abhishek Bachchan plays the role of a former criminal who comes out of jail and finds that his previous life is no longer his own, although a chance encounter with a young girl reminds him of the life he could have. Rajkummar Rao plays the role of a former thief-turned-dhaba boss who is coaxed from prison to save the husband of his former crush played by Fatima Sana Sheikh.

Aditya Roy Kapur and Sanya Malhotra are two youngsters who once shared a secret, fond of no-frills, but reunite when they have to hide the memory of that affair. Rohit Saraf plays the role of a down-on-luck mall employee who gets a prohibited bag of cash, which he shares with Pier’s Malayali nurse. Finally, there is Sattu Bhaiya, a dreaded gangster (and Bittu’s former boss), who has a role in each story, but finds himself incapable of an unexpected accident. All these stories often cross-cross each other, until they reach a chaotic ending where some are killed, some find a happy ending, while we discover that there is indeed one of us. What does life mean to everyone.

So what does the end mean? We tried to break the climax of Ludo, Which means there are a lot of detectives ahead.

the ending

Sattu Bhaiyya, and his men arrive at the hotel where Rahul and Sheja are staying to take money from them. The police also arrived after Akash and Shruti came to know, this is the hotel where their sex tape originated. Shruti’s fiancé gets to know her secret and he too gets there, which seems to be right between Akash and Shruti. The resulting stalemate turns into an explosive shootout to kill Bittu’s Sattu, who once betrayed him.

Still from Ludo (Photo Credit: Netflix)

The shootout ends with the deaths of all the people of Sattu as well as most of Bittu’s soldiers. Sattu and Akash are heavily injured. Sattu leaves the hotel with his loot in a car, and on the way he finds Nurse Kutty (Shalini Vats), his love. However, a truck crashed near him (interestingly, another truck crashed earlier in his men when they were chasing Rahul and Sheja). Is it a game of luck that trucks come in?

Still from Ludo (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Meanwhile, a heartbroken Lalu sends Pinky and her child with her husband, whom they help to escape from the car to jail. Pinky feels guilty about Lalu, and keeps taunting her, accusing her husband of insulting her. When the taunts get too much, he finally shoots her, and comes back to ask Lalu for one last time – to dump the body.

Still from Ludo (Photo Credit: Netflix)

In the epilogue, after Akash is fully recovered, he reunites with Shruti, who has broken up with her, as she falls in love with him. Rahul and Sheja are leading a high life, thanks to each bag of the loot which was hidden by Shaiza, and are now seen as a couple. So are Lalu and Pinky.

Still from Ludo (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Sattu is also alive, but is on a wheelchair after the accident, but is leading a happy life with Kutty, having withdrawn the rest of the money. Bittu’s former family is now well, thanks to the ransom he paid to pay his money. Even Minnie finally finds the parental love she longed for. So why was fate unfair to Bittu, the only main character, to death? Ludo Movie Review: Anurag Basu’s film features Stellar Performance, A Gripping Narrative and A Major Life Lesson, Critics Lyrics.

Yama and Chitragupta

To understand why Bittu died, and the supposed villain, Sattu survived, we have to understand the interactions that took place between the two individuals playing Ludo in the film. He later appeared as Yamaraja and Chitragupta, (Basu playing the role of Yamaraja). Chitragupta asks Yamraj the importance of sin and virtue to decide the fate of a person.

Still from Ludo (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Yama gives an example of a story in the Mahabharata. Although it is often believed that the Pandavas Veer and Kaurava are villains, in reality it is not. When Yudhishthira reached heaven, he found Duryodhana seated on a throne. Nymph, But he is told that his brother is in hell. (While Yama does not complete his story, it is later revealed that this was Yudhishthira’s final test. Both the Kauravas and the Pandavas are in heaven, after all, to fulfill their duties Kshatriya).

Later, when they walk in a messy environment after the shootout, as Bittu becomes dead and Sattu appears to be, Yama asks Chitragupta if Bittu will reach heaven. Chitragupta replied that his sacrifices negate his past crimes, clearing his way to heaven. For Sattu, Chitragupta says that he will go to hell. But Yama says that is not the case, as Sattu still has a job to do (which is to correct for Kutty, which he does, and it confounds him, though it is with consequences).

Still from Ludo (Photo Credit: Netflix)

This is where things get interesting. Yama explains that life is like a game of Ludo, no matter which path you take, you end up in home, and death is the only truth in life. Just as the figure of ‘6’ looks like ‘9’ to someone else, what is right for some may not be right for others. The concepts of heaven and hell have been created by humans to bring control to the world beyond control, including the concept of God. Saying this, they both disappear in smoke, indicating that even they may be imaginary.

Still from Ludo (Photo Credit: Netflix)

This is cleverly done with the scene in which three human-clothed gods are waiting on the side of the road, with Kutty watching them on the other side, as Sattu arrives with the car.

To end

While (imaginary) Yama may have dissolved the idea of ​​heaven and hell, Ludo Still on the importance of our actions and how they affect not only our futures, but also others. Bittu may have made the two families happy with his sacrifice, but he lost his life in an attempt to take revenge. Going out like this is probably the best way for Bittu, because he can’t be with his daughter, and he can’t be with Minnie, because she’s someone else’s daughter.

Still from Ludo (Photo Credit: Netflix)

For Sattu, death may be an easy way out for his sins, which is why he survived her. Returning to Kuti, he does a good job, but the results of his past actions leave him with disabilities which he sees is a happy life.

Still from Ludo (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Shruti, who wanted a luxurious lifestyle for herself after marriage as she had been brainwashing since childhood, wanted a less imaginary life with Akash. Rahul and Sheja, who symbolize the love born of misfortune, change their fate, showing that life cannot be the same for everyone all the time. It is shown in completely adversity how they first meet Akash and Shruti, as their bike crashes into the latter’s car, in their final scene where Shruti and Akash find Rahul and Sheja in their scooter Let’s look at their fancy car.

Still from Ludo (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Pinkie and Lalu find their happy ending, when the former recognizes the true love towards him that he had probably been ignoring for a long time. Each of them has committed sins, but as Yama said, even though they have to suffer the consequences, they have all fulfilled their wishes. Which is their ‘home’. Each character found their home, because of what they wanted, and not what they were asked to do.

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