Bigg Boss 14 November 12 Synopsis: Eli Gony the new mastermind of the house?

Disco Night continues as contestants dance to become captains of the house. As the work progresses, contestants are strategizing to make their next move more carefully and collaborative among each other. Alleged by Nikki Tamboli’s remarks, Eli Gony has now taken it upon his ego and wants to become the next captain of the house. He is collaborating with Rahul Vaidya and assuring Eli to be the next captain of the house. Seeing the tricks of Eli and Rahul, Pavitra Punia gets agitated and questions Rahul’s loyalty. Bigg Boss 14 November 10 Episode: Farah Khan School Shardul Pandit, Ellie destroys Jasmine’s doll – 5 highlights of BB14.

Pavitra cannot tolerate the fact that Ellie and Rahul, whom he considered his friend, are plotting against him. She now decides to stand strong and alone wins the task. Even Shardul Pandit and Nikki are not happy that they are not being considered in the captaincy race. Bigg Boss 14: Ellie Gony accidentally catches Pavitra Punia and Ejaz Khan romance (see video).

To continue to entertain at home, popular musician Sachin Trivedi and sensational singer Shaan will continue the party. Shaan has romantic numbers as he likes his songs. Sachin has also set the dance floor on fire as he walks out of ‘Beat Pe Booty’!

The next day, Rahul and Ejaz Khan quarrel over the daily hygiene, where Ejaz asks Rahul not to wash the dishes! Rahul is adamant and says he will do as he chooses. Is Rahul going to decide who will be the captain? Will Pavitra’s headstrong attitude lead him to a captaincy victory? What is Elie Gony’s fate?

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