Bigg Boss 14: Nishant Singh Malkhani, Pavitra Punia and Ejaz Khan throw their love story, ‘They look at the camera and start acting’

Controversial reality show Big Boss Many love stories have bloomed on the show. However, this year two people especially those who are serving something mature love For the audience are Pavitra Punia and Iyaz Khan. The two can argue and fight, but it does not define their relationship, as #Pavaje can be seen indulging in a PDA at the second moment. Recently when Farah Khan entered Big Boss Home, even he praised them. It is being said that in an interview when contestant Nishant Singh Malkhani asked about a fake love story in a reality show, his answer was Pavithra and Aijaz. Bigg Boss 14: Ellie Gony accidentally catches Pavitra Punia and Ejaz Khan romance (see video).

Talking Spotboye, Nishant did not mimic the words and said, “Ejaz and Pavitra are making their love story all over. They both have understood that the initial two fights between them were witnessed by the audience, so they think that we We do it because of the extra footage we get. ” Which they deliberately started fighting for hours and hours. ” Bigg Boss 14: Judge Farah Khan Tag Rubina Dilaiq as Mind-Blowing, Roots for #PaviJaz (see video).

“They cross all levels while fighting and use the worst language. After a point that was over. The people of the United Nations are said to love Neha. So, he started this love story. Like they literally look at the camera and start acting. The worst if fake love story is in someone’s house Of Ezaz and Holy, ”he said.

When Guddan – You Won’t Happen The actor, Nishant Singh Malkhani entered Bigg Boss 14There were high expectations from him as he was a personality on the night of the premiere. However, later inside the house, we saw him a bit boring and switching sides. stay tuned!

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