Bigg Boss 14 November 11 Episode: Nominations of Shardul and Rubina, Non-Stop Dance Party – 5 Highlights of BB14

Bigg Boss 14 will host the biggest party ever. Now the scene will be reversed. A new captaincy job was started at home. Some of the most famous musicians entered the house Mahol music. In addition, the nomination work continued, which was too easily taken by the contestants and made boring. Everyone left their belongings very easily to save someone else. Sadly, they could have made this work better. Also, Rahul Vaidya knows how to hammer Limelight so well. He was once again talking about the city. Bigg Boss 14 November 10 Episode: Farah Khan School Shardul Pandit, Ellie destroys Jasmine’s doll – 5 highlights of BB14.

Pavitra saved Rahul

Pavitra had to destroy her clothes to save Rahul Vaidya. she does. Thus, everyone is saved by someone else in the task with the exception of Rubina. Shardul was nominated by Farah Khan. So, the nominated contestants for this week are Shardul and Rubina. Bigg Boss 14 November 9 Episode: Farah Khan gives Ejaz Khan a reality check to Pavitra Punia, Jasmine Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli – 5 highlights of BB14.

Rahul proposes to his girlfriend

Rahul tells everyone about his lady love direction Parmar, who is celebrating his birthday. He wishes her a birthday and also proposes her marriage from inside the house. Will she accept

Non-stop party begins

A non-stop party starts at Bigg Boss house which is a captaincy job. The contestants have to be on the dance floor until the music is played. DJ Chetus is the first in consolation. All contestants dance. Later, they are asked to remove 2 contestants from the race.

Ijaz refused to give leave

The contestants took the names of Rubina and Ejaz, but the latter refused the task. Battle ensues in Ijaz and Abhinav.

Party in progress

Anu Malik sang a few songs for the contestants. He leaves but the party continues. The contestants will have to remove 2 more contestants from the captaincy race. The majority decides to exclude Abhinav as he is not dancing. He says that he doesn’t know how he dances so they see what 200% of him is. The poem’s name is also set to be out of the task.

Jasmine wants to vote for John. But Rahul and Nikki oppose. Finally, Kavita and Jaan are voted on. Neeti Mohan comes next to sing the song.

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