Biden risks his electoral alliance – and 2022 – if he pursues toxic deals with McConnell

Democrats of all stripes worked together to give former Vice President Joe Biden his stunning victory – as both progressives and presidential-elects understood that America needed a united Democratic Party to defeat President Donald Trump. But Biden has undermined the hard-earned goodwill built between Democratic voters and progressives over the past year if he pursues toxic deals with a potentially Republican-controlled Senate led by Mitch McConnell.

Democrats did not turn up for Biden and defeated Trump by millions of votes and then allowed McConnell to rob him of his ability to govern.

Democrats did not turn up for Biden and defeated Trump by millions of votes and then McConnell, R-Q. Allowed to rob them of their ability to govern or take over our cabinet. Republican leaders have for the past few days falsely accused the presidential election of falsely denoting Biden’s presidential election and threatening to take the case to the Supreme Court. As McConnell has amplified Because of Trump’s efforts to lift our democracy off a cliff, he and his party have given up any claim to be legitimate, harmonious negotiating partners.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Con., Has already warned McConnell’s efforts The election of the cabinet of Biden will affect the constitutional crisis and affect minority rule. But Democrats should make it clear that Biden did not win a single victory – he clearly and confidently, won both the popular vote and the Electoral College. He should use his mandate to fight for the American majority who elected him. If McConnell controls the Senate, Biden must force a choice between the cabinet of his choosing or the sleep of acting or leisure-appointed officials.

McConnell has only one goal: to increase the power of the Republican Party. He will do whatever he can to cut through the painful deals of Biden and Congressional Democrats who will become toxic to voters. The party needs to exit in 2022. McConnell works with the piece and allows him to be a co-ruling partner, virtually guaranteeing a bleak democratic base in the mid-2022s.

This is why progressivists will not wait for Biden – and are already investigating their personnel decisions. For example, we want Biden to create an Office of Climate Change led by a progressive climate champion who reports directly to the President and every tool and lever in the federal government to overcome this crisis. We want to see leaders like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Appointed treasury secretary And rape. Deb Holland, DNM, appointed Secretary of the Interior. If Biden wants to keep the party united, he should respect the growing members of the party that make up about 40 percent of his party’s seats in Congress.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Shortly after he withdrew his candidacy in April, Biden moved swiftly to align his policy platform, said Ron Clann, one of Biden’s closest advisers, to an increasingly progressive party There was a general consensus. This was slightly different from previous Democratic candidates. As candidates, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and even Hillary Clinton did not make major efforts to progress the court. But three months before the Democratic National Convention, Biden decided that in order to win, he would need a coalition consisting of young, diverse and progressive voters.

Biden and Sanders appointed several progressives for the joint task forces, including some of Biden’s greatest critics in the Democratic primary. Nowhere has this effort resulted in more obvious results than Biden’s work with Rape. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DNY, for whom I used to work, and the Sunrise Movement Align your stage more closely With an outline of the Green New Deal.

Combined in the midst of the coronovirus epidemic, the Joint Task Force secured major commitments from Biden on climate. In particular, Biden committed to push for 100 percent carbon-pollution-free electricity later than 2035 (Biden’s previous climate plan set a date to 2050), creating an office of climate mobility and his To start developing strong vehicle efficiency standards for the first. Days in the Oval Office. Biden essentially embraced many of the policies of the Green New Deal without its branding. And he campaigned aggressively on climate in the final weeks of the campaign. “It’s the number 1 issue facing humanity. And it’s the number 1 issue for me,” Biden said.

According to the liberal think tank Data for Progress, by the end of all, voters trusted Trump by 20 points. Independents trusted Trump on climate issues by 24 points. Even unspecified but Trump-leaning voters said they relied more on Biden on the issue of climate change.

But climate action is just one example. To maintain his alliance, Biden needs to appoint leaders free of corporate influence in the unseen era of progressive governance since the New Deal and the Great Society.

The House in which Biden will inherit is far more progressive than Obama inherited in 2009. In the words of repeal. Ilhan Omar, D-Min., “A president is only as successful as his association with the Congress.” He will have to negotiate with a progressive block that is flexing his muscles and holding him accountable.

Biden needs to appoint leaders free of corporate influence in the unseen era of progressive governance since the New Deal and the Great Society.

In the face of the global health crisis, systemic racism, and record economic decline, a Biden president must seize his mandate to govern for the American majority who chose it. We have a chance to define not only the next four years, but also the next 50 years.

Or Biden might ignore us, trying to co-govern with McConnell and destroy his alliance, a decision that would have serious consequences in Congress and in mid-2022.

The Biden Presidency will define how it reacts to generation-to-generation crises: a GOP hellbent on suppressing climate, economic reform, systemic racism and the democratic will of a growing multilateral majority.

Some liberal Republicans are claiming that the election results show that America is one Center country. this is wrong. We are a progressive country on a wide range of issues, with antebellum institutions that prevent the American majority from governing. Among the most central questions facing our democracy are: How far will the Republicans take the minority rule, and will the Democrats fight to rule on the strength of the majority who elected them?

Progressivists have made our commitments clear. Now is the time for Joe Biden to do the same.

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