Nusrat Bharucha’s Didar De Se Chhalang V / S Ne Original Song Dus – Which track is yours?

The remakes are not leaving Bollywood anytime soon. No, we are not just talking about remaking old classics, but also songs – a trend which, unfortunately, is gaining momentum with each passing day. While some ‘DilbarSucceed in creating equally commendable works, such as others ‘One, two, teen’ Miserably fail and how! Coming from the same number recently, Give creditThe song is based on the picture of Nusrat Bharucha Chhalaang A decent one to say the least. Pride on the growing trend of remake of Bollywood Song: Why are they still doing it when people are not liking it?

Sung by Aces Kaur and Dev Negi, Give credit Rajkumar Rao’s song Chhalaang ‘Civilized’ has the potential to find a place in the list of remakes. While there is nothing bad about the composition, it is not extraordinary either. Good part? Well, this is definitely Nusrat and his hot move. Although the actress has to flaunt her dancing skills and we are not aware of how good she can be, she has justified this new track completely. Kudos choreographers, Bosco and Caesar for this. Chalang Sang Didar De: Nusrat Bharucha’s glam avatar surprises Rajkummar Rao in this groovy rendition (see video).

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Basically, okay, Sunidhi Chauhan can never disappoint? The original song is of a 2005 release, ten featuring Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty, Abhishek Bachchan and Zayed Khan in the lead roles. It was an item song that became an instant favorite with the general public. We knew that its remake would eventually come out, never knew it would happen so soon!

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‘Old is gold’ they say. But do you follow this saying? Do you think the original track is still the best or do you think the remake is better? Vote for your option in the box below or simply tweet us your answer @latestly.

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