Laxmi: 13 questions that the leftists stopped after watching Akshay Kumar-Kiara Advani’s Kanchana remake (SPOILERS)

Disney + Hotstar may have thought they had grabbed a clear deal when they met Lakshmi, Sadak 2, Bhuj, The Big Bull, Lootcase, Khuda Hafiz And Heartless To release directly on your platform. Save for twoHand And The big bull), All the rest of the film has arrived on the platform and only looks like Lootcase Managed to do a lot. And he is saying something! Two legends – Sadak 2 And Laxmii – Turns out to be the most disappointing with lots Laxmii Being the latest of the release. Laxmii Movie Review: Akshay Kumar is Sharad Kelkar’s only role in Sharad Advani’s horror-comedy, otherwise it is completely ‘bomb’!

Laxmii Is a remake of the 2011 Tamil horror-comedy Kanchana – A very flawed film, dated to the present day, and intended for frequent front benchers. Making this film was never a great idea at the present time, although it is known to Akshay Kumar for his didactic image in his films, speaking to a marginalized community as well as taking on three other social issues allows for. still, Laxmii The ending is loud, crass, and completely irrational for being a transphobic and deceptive as well as a horror-comedy. Where the only bright spot was Sharad Kelkar’s cameo. Lakshmi Ending Explained: How Akshay Kumar-Kiara Advani’s Horror-Comedy’s Tees (Im) Possible Sequel (SPOILER ALERT).

By the end of the film, all we are left with are 13 burning questions that need to be answered. And if you haven’t seen the movie, there are some very big SPOILERS ahead, so be careful. you have been warned. Like the trailer Laxmii Kiya, about the expected ups from the film.

Why is there a need to show Asif as a rationalist?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

Asif (Akshay Kumar) is considered a rationalist; A social worker who exposes charlatans who indulge in superstition. His intro scene saves him from being accused of a witch by a fraudulent baba before he lectures the witnesses on superstitions. But the rest of the film is hell-bent on proving him wrong and introducing him to a ghost. In a country that is deep in the clutches of superstitions and the blind Devotion, Why the need to show rationalism in such a bad light? Even the original film had no such subplot.

Where did Shan disappear?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

Asif and his wife Rashmi (Kiara Advani) look after their orphaned nephew, who has the annoying habit of addressing their elders by their names. They even took him to meet Rashmi’s distinguished family. But through the film, he disappears without any mention. Why is there a character in the film who has no purpose? Talking about useless characters …

What did it mean to show a pregnant neighbor and her sister?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

Apart from that pointless opening scare sequence (which became a dream), what did these two characters actually mean in the film? Near the climax, Rashmi and Asif are referred to take the pregnant girl to the hospital, but what happens to her later, is released into the air.

Did Laxmi become a Jim Carrey fan after her death?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

Why was Asif giving all the opposite sentiments after being possessed by Lakshmi’s ghost? The real Lakshmi was more subtle, except when she had to be aggressive. But still, she is not so OTT! Maybe we can point this out to the acting style of Akshay and Sharad Kelkar, who are playing the role of Lakshmi.

Does she also watch a lot of superhero films later?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

In her first murder in retaliation, Lakshmi hides in a vault near Asif, and is exposed to killing the villain’s henchmen, all of whom act like Pennywise. IT. Or is it from the raga doll Flash Chain? but why? Did the henchmen have some fear of clowns? The effects do not end here. Even in the blood-soaked finale, we see the effects of Flash (Again), X Men, and also Mother The way Lakshmi killed those who did injustice to her!

Where did the other two ghosts go?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

In the scene of a confrontation with Rashmi’s family, we learn that Asif has not just one ghost, but three! Apart from Lakshmi, she is also an unwitting host to two other souls, the foster father and brother of Lakshmi, who is mentally challenged. But these two ghosts do not bother to reappear after the scene. Also, when he is in Asif’s body, why does he act like a father’s ghost as if he is some goon from Hyderabad. The real man was nothing of that sort!

Is “Burj Khalifa” some sort of sexual metaphor?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

After trying to please his wife after a bit of debate, Asif tells Rashmi that he will fulfill all his dreams. The next scene, we see them “preparing for the beat”Burj Khalifa“Somewhere in the Middle-East! While the shoe-hoarding of this song scene is out of nowhere, disturbing enough, we wonder what the significance of this song was.”Burj Khalifa“A metaphor for Irr … a phallus?

Is Asif a sexist?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

Why does Asif say that “Maa Kasam Main Chudiya Pehen Longa“If someone falsifies their rational beliefs, is that their bet?” Why does she send a woman who was sent to be tortured by a Baba at the behest of her husband, back to the house? Do they think that one of his simple lectures would have changed the mind of man? Is Asif a false doctor and sexist? Or is this film, in its efforts to be progressive, fall flat on its retrograde nose?

Why not cast a transgender actor to play Lakshmi?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

There is hardly any doubt in Sharad Kelkar’s performance Laxmii The best thing about it. But it comes with its own set of problems. Laxmii By exposing the stigma faced by the third gender, it considers itself progressive, which is the beginning of acceptance in our society, even if it is runaway. While the film’s intentions to do so may seem correct, a better job could be done by including a genuine transgender actor in the role.

How can Lakshmi control other people from home, but not kill her perceived target until the very end?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

In the scene where Muslim Baba and his akil try to inflame Lakshmi’s soul, Lakshmi tries to scare them by showing them a scene of how they can kill their loved ones. He places a man’s daughter in front of a train, another’s son in a building, and then a woman to cut off his hand. While this injury to the innocent is against the real Lakshmiji’s disposition, she never uses her Professor X-like skills to hit her real targets, even without bothering to leave the room? Also DTH providers should take a lesson from him on how to bring crystal clear images to our television, that too from different angles!

How can the ghost of Lakshmi Shiva dance in front of a huge Shiva statue but cannot enter the temple?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

In “Bam Bhole“The song which is in climax, Lakshmi is seen dancing in front of a huge Shiva statue near the beach along with other members of her community. However, she is unable to enter the temple complex, where the villain takes refuge , Because that. Spirit … Irr … Why do different gods have different rules?

If she can’t enter, why can’t the rest of her companions do so?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

Okay, let’s agree, for a moment, that since she is a soul, Lakshmi cannot enter the premises of the temple. But can none of his company enter the temple and drive out the villain? On the contrary, they are human beings. Instead all they do is just form the ranks behind him and make opposite faces!

Will we really get a sequel to this Irr … Travesty?

Still from Lakshmi (Photo Credit: Disney + Hotstar)

The final scene reveals that Lakshmi has not actually left Asif’s body, thus teasing a sequel. If it ever happens, it will be like the makers Laxmii Quoting this dialogue of Tiger Shroff Baaghi 2 For his audience – “Whatever your torture is my warm-up!

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