Gigi Hadid shares her adorable selfie for the first time with her daughter, ‘She Burps Sunshine’

A baby girl was welcomed in September by American supermodel Gigi Hadid, who recently debuted a super-adorable debut mummy-daughter selfie. On Sunday (local time), the first-time mom and 25-year-old supermodel shared an adorable icy selfie with their newborn daughter on their Instagram stories, and jokingly said that the baby “icy sunshine,” after the caption, added a funny face emoji. Used to be. . Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik presented their baby girl to the world on Halloween 2020 and she wore a Hulk costume (see pic)

In the photo, the girl can be seen bending over her mother’s shoulder, wearing yellow socks and gray pants. Hadid welcomed her first child with her boyfriend and 27-year-old singer Zayn Malik. The former ‘One Direction’ member announced late last month that he became Dad for the first time, writing on Twitter on September 23, “Our baby girl is here, healthy and beautiful.” The singer from ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ said, “Trying to put into words how I feel right now would be an impossible task. Gigi Hadid encourages fans to ‘vote’ in US presidential election 2020 (see post)

The love I feel for this little person is beyond my comprehension. Grateful to know him, proud to call him mine, and grateful for the life that we will have x together. “Later that night, Hadid also shared the child’s news and posted another black and white image holding Malik and his daughter. “Our girl joined us this weekend and she has already changed our world. So in love,” Hadid wrote at the time.

Gigi Hadid shares selfie with her daughter

Gigi Hadid shares her selfie with her daughter (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As reported by People magazine, Hadid and Malik made their first official date night as new parents in early October. After sharing a few clips of the dinner together, Hadid posted a picture of the final plate, acknowledging that she missed her child, who was locked in the other room with the grandmother. “Mom and Dad’s first date night,” she wrote, “(She is Oma in the other room, but misses her a lot.)

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