Nitya Taylor’s Birthday: These Yaris from the best scenes of Nandini Murthy, which are the most memorable (see video)

Kaisi Yeh Yariaan started off as a normal youth show, but as it moved forward with its telecast, it gained so much space in viewers’ hearts that after the show officially ended in season 2, popular demand But Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 3 happened, though, on Voot as a web series. The story of Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Nandini (Niti Taylor) being antagonistic, won many fans. In fact, the fact that lead actors Parth and Neeti did not get along in real life until season 3 did not take the fans of the show a bit and the actor also remained completely professional. Parth Samthan’s Na Apna Samay Aayega ‘reference to Gully Boy for himself and Niti Taylor is nothing but true!

Casey Yeh Yaariyan founded Parth Samathan and Niti Taylor, who are not only one of the best on-screen couples on Indian television, but also as bankable stars. And on November 8, 2020, on the eve of Neeti Taylor’s 26th birthday, here are 5 of the best scenes from many actresses of Kaise Yeh Yaariyan. Kashi Ye Yaariyan on success Vikas Gupta: ‘ruled the hearts and minds of youngsters’.

Manik Shields Nandini from Cabir

Before they fall completely to each other, Manik realizes that their need to protect Nandini is acute and this happens when Cabir is about to see them toggling in the shower. To make Nandini happy, Manik hugs her and the moment she becomes more than Manik trying to protect Nandini.

Watch the scene below:

Ruby nandini first kiss

After sharing some very personal, intimate, intense moments, Manik and Nandini make their first kiss even in our scene. While the moment was always a special one for Maanan and his fans, it was followed by harsh betrayal, something that set the tone for Manik and Nandini’s future in the show.

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Jungle romance

The 2 loving jungles got lost in the jungle and were quite literal scenes for Manik and Nandini. But is the epic (TV) romance complete without lovers trapped in the jungle? The same was the case for Manik and Nandini where the hero took proper care of the heroine and ruined all real-life romance for us!

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Ruby and nandini ghagh relation

Manan’s first kiss exerted some intense feelings of joy in his fans, we don’t even want to imagine that his ending scene would have been felt for his fans.

Watch the scene below:

Rubies reach nandu when weakened

They say that your heart finds comfort in talking to the people you love. And the same happens with Manik when he comes to know about Cabir and Raghav. Unknowingly, he approaches Nandini in her weak position and is comforted. He believes in her and that moment is heart wrenching.

Watch the video below:

Parth Samathan and Niti Taylor as Manik and Nandini were called ‘Manan’ by their fans. In fact, the pair are still referred to as Maan by their fans and they often share TikTok videos and even come live on Instagram to chat with their fans, now they are again Make friends In fact, fans are hoping that the KY makers make a comeback with the 4th season to see how Maken ends up together. Well, happy birthday you innocent artist, Niti Taylor!

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