Kamal Haasan’s Birthday Special: Five Hindi films of this spectacular performance that take a look at his special day

Kamal Haasan celebrates his birthday. This is an actor for whom the only way to be versatile is to succeed in the Indian film industry. He has always tried to give something new to his audience. Started his work as a child artist and later as an assistant choreographer, Haasan started working with some of the best Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films. The stories of his popularity and his acting are such a topic of discussion that he soon found himself making a debut in Hindi films in 1981, adding one to his fast list of works in various languages. Do you know that he has also acted in two Bengali films? Yes, diversity is part of his CV and he takes it seriously. On the occasion of Kamal Haasan’s 66th birthday, the #HappyBirthdayLeader trend of fans on Twitter! (view Post)

Going back to his Hindi films, Kamal Haasan has been a part of some cult classics and today on his birthday we will tell you about some of them.

For a couple (1981)

It always works if you play with your strengths in your first film. Kamal Haasan played Vasu, a Tamil Brahmin who comes for a north-Indian girl and everything goes downhill from there. It is a sad romance and still has a repeat viewing value.

Shock (1983)

What should we say about this film? The end at which Kamal Haasan tries to remember Sridevi is the most heart-breaking moment ever in an Indian film. We’ll leave it at that!

Sagar (1985)

A love triangle between Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia and Kamal Haasan is a romantic world for all of us, who wouldn’t want to be the center of attention for two people?

Aunty 420 (1997)

Hollywood is Mrs Doubtfire, we have Aunty 420. Kamal Haasan who loves an old woman to be his daughter’s nanny.

Vishwaroop (2013)

People remembered him more for the controversies he created, but many of Haasan’s avatars get a lot of love, especially the part where he plays the role of a Kathak dancer. Beautiful and beautiful!

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