Diwali 2020: A rare combination of 3 planets is being made after hundreds of years on Diwali! Know which festival

Diwali celebrated in Kartik month is usually a five-day festival. But this time Roop Chaudas i.e. Chhoti Diwali and Main Diwali will be celebrated on the same day. Dhanatrayodashi will be celebrated on November 13, Narak Chaturdashi on November 14, Roop Chaudas and Deepavali (Lakshmi Pujan), Govardhan Puja, Kali Puja, Annakoot on November 15 and Bhai Dooj, Chitragupta Jayanti, Yama Dwitiya and Baliprada on November 16. Astrologers believe that a big game of planets will be seen on this Diwali. Because on Deepawali, Guru planet will remain in its own sign Sagittarius and Saturn in its own sign Capricorn, while Venus planet will be in Virgo. According to Jyotishacharya Shri Ravindra Pandey, this year the rare combination of three planets will increase the significance of Deepawali this time. Such a coincidence was made in the year 1521 i.e. 499 years ago.

The launch of Dipotsavi from Dhanteras will begin from 09.31 pm on 12 November at Dhantrayodashi, (November 13, Friday) and will continue till 06.00 on November 13. Pradosh Vrat will also be on November 13. In such a situation, the festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated only on 13 November. On this day, the god of health Dhanvantari is worshiped. On the day of Dhanteras, traders make new books instead of old books of their shops, in which they prepare the details of profit and loss from afresh. On this day people buy new utensils, vehicles and gold ornaments etc. These days, the shops and show rooms of utensils, jewelers and new vehicles are very well decorated. People shop according to their ability.

Narak Chaturdashi, Kali Puja and Deepavali (November 14, Saturday) celebrate the festival of Hell Chaturdashi next to Dhanteras. On this day, burn mustard oil in an old lamp and put five types of grains in it and keep it on the drain side of the house. It is called ‘Yama Deepak’ or Chhoti Deepawali. Since this time Chhoti Deepawali and main Deepawali are falling on the same day. Goddess Kali is worshiped on this day. It is said that the worship of Maa Kali destroys the evil and negative forces in our path. On this day, Shri Krishna killed the demon Narakasura and rescued 16 thousand girls from his prison. Therefore, Lord Krishna is also worshiped on this day. Also read: Diwali 2020: Unique initiative to make diyas from cow dung before Diwali
According to Hindu religious texts, on the day after sunset, the date of Amavasya remains for one more time, there is a law to celebrate Diwali on that day. It is believed that on this day in the Chaughadia Mahayoga and auspicious factor lagna, Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha, who are said to be a symbol of auspicious benefits, are worshiped. This tradition has been going on since ancient times. By doing this, you get rid of old debts and increase wealth and prosperity in the house. It is believed that on the same night of Kartik Amavasya, Goddess Lakshmi incarnates on the earth, and wanders the whole night. For this reason, people keep the doors of the house open on the night of Deepawali to know whether the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi can be found in their home too. Navratri establishment was on Saturday and Diwali is also on Saturday. It is being said that it is very big mangalkari yoga that Saturn is on the Capricorn sign, this yoga will be beneficial for business and auspicious for the public. It is becoming a rare coincidence after long years. Also read: Narak Chaturdashi 2020: When is Narak Chaturdashi? Learn the myth related to date, auspicious time, worship method, importance and short Diwali

Govardhan Puja and Padwa (November 15, Sunday) Annakoot festival is celebrated on the next day of Deepawali. It is also known as Govardhan Puja. On this day, the women of the house make all kinds of dishes and worship Lord Krishna with Govardhan. This day is also called Padwa. On this day, many people donate bathing in the Ganges or any holy river. Bhayuduj, Yama Dwitiya and Sri Chitragupta Jayanti (November 15, Monday) On the fourth day of Deepawali i.e. according to the Hindi calendar, the festival of Bhai-Duj is celebrated on the second day of Kartik Shukla Paksha. On this day, siblings invite each other for convenience at their respective homes. Sister wishes her long life, feeding her sweets after applying tilak. In return, the siblings feel happy by giving a gift or a gift. In many places, sisters light their tongues with a burning lamp. The belief behind this is that even in the future, they should not use wrong words against their brother. On this day, Yama also celebrates the festival of Dwitiya. It is believed that if brothers and sisters take a bath in the Yamuna river on this day, then Yamraj would not flinch in front of them. They do not become victims of accidental death. The birth anniversary of Lord Sri Chitragupta ji is also celebrated on this day. It is mentioned in the religious texts that Lord Shichitragupta was born to send the details of birth and death and send heaven for good works and hell for bad works. His standard father is Brahma. With this the festival ends.

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