COVID-19 Vaccine: Scientists Develop Vaccine, Able to Produce 10 Times More Strong Antibodies

COVID-19 Vaccine: Scientists Develop Vaccine, Able to Produce 10 Times More Strong Antibodies

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COVID-19 Vaccine: Several vaccines are continuously being worked to break the coronavirus. Scientists meanwhile say that they have developed an experimental coronavirus vaccine candidate, which is much more potent than other vaccines. The team at the University of Washington School of Medicine says that this nanoparticle vaccine in a test conducted in mice is 10 times stronger than the response seen in COVID-19 Survivors. Was able to produce an Stronger Immune Response.

Indeed, the vaccine also provoked a strong memory cell response, in which the body remembers the invading virus to produce antibodies when infected. The team says that this vaccine does not require storage in the freezer like the vaccines produced by other companies, due to which it is easy to develop and supply this vaccine worldwide. Also Read: Covid-19 Vaccine Update: First Healthcare Employees To Take Kovid Vaccine, One Year Will Take Delivery

Dr. Neil King, assistant professor of biochemistry at the UW School of Medicine, said- We hope that our nanoparticle platform can help fight this epidemic, causing the whole world to struggle is. Nanoparticles, whether natural or synthetic, mimic the structural characteristics of viruses that are often nano-sized. This makes it easier to mold nanoparticles into the size and shape of virus receptors.

The vaccine candidate of UW Medicine displays 60 copies of the receptor-binding domain of the corona virus, which allows the virus into the body’s receptors to gain entry into cells. The body will then be trained to recognize these receptors and to build antibodies against them to prevent future infections. Also Read: COVID19 Vaccine Update: Trial of Corona Vaccine to be held at Aligarh Muslim University from November 14, to continue till end of January

Significantly, for the study published in the journal Cell, the team tested its new nanoparticle vaccine in mice. The results showed that the vaccine produced 10 times more neutralizing antibodies than the self-evoked immune response.

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